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Design phase is based on requirement of any business as it is parallel with technical requirements, it includes high availability, and making sure you have redundancy, failover and fault mechanism at software and hardware level. It’s also focus the high availability of routing protocols, reliability, scalability and security.
In design phase we create and generate the different lists, diagrams reports as per project plan and after completion the above stuff, update the project plan with design phase modifications.
We can simplify the design phase with following steps:

  • Identify network requirements
  • Characterize the existing network
  • Design the network topology and solution


Example: After performing the site survey, and inventorying the customer’s network we design a plan for customer to purchase multiple dual band 802.11n AP’s, the required amount of 802.3at compliant switches, dual WLC’s for redundancy, along with RADIUS software for security. CTS also provide and updated network diagram concerning how/where the new equipment will combine with their existing network.

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