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Implementation process can vary from organization to organization, dependent largely on the details of the actual strategic plan, but some basic steps can assist in the process and ensure that implementation is successful and the strategic plan is effective.

1. Evaluate the strategic plan. The first step in the implementation process is to step back and make sure that you know what the strategic plan is. Review it carefully, and highlight any elements of the plan that might be especially challenging. Recognize any parts of the plan that might be unrealistic or excessive in cost, either of time or money. Highlight these, and be sure to keep them in mind as you begin implementing the strategic plan. Keep back-up ideas in mind in case the original plan fails.

2. Create a vision for implementing the strategic plan. This vision might be a series of goals to be reached, step step, or an outline of items that need to be completed. Be sure to let everyone know what the end result should be and why it is important. Establish a clear image of what the strategic plan is intended to accomplish.

3. Keep the organization’s executives informed on what is happening, and provide progress reports on the implementation of the plan. Letting an organization’s management know about the progress of implementation makes them a part of the process, and, should problems arise, the management will be better able to address concerns or potential changes.