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Like the prepare phase, the way in which the Plan phase is used depends on the current state of the company’s network. A project plan is the next thing to be developed. If no current network exists, then this project plan should include a number of pieces of information that are required before the next phase, including the allocation of the resources (financial and physical) for the design and implementation phases, the development of a network security plan, and the development of a project schedule to match the business requirements found in the prepare phase.

If there is an existing network in place, then the project plan is developed (or updated), but only after an audit of the existing infrastructure, sites and operational environment is completed. It is vital that a thorough audit is completed to ensure that any changes to the network will not influence network usability, will reduce network resource redundancy, and ensure an easier upgrade experience.

The typical deliverables from this phase include:

  • Site Requirements Specifications
  • Site Survey Form
  • Customer Requirements Document Response
  • Solutions Test Plan
  • Asses existing systems, projects
  • Plan tasks, responsibilities, milestones.
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