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City Tech Systems offers a comprehensive range of IT Services to support businesses of all sizes. Our IT Consultancy services can help your business utilise the benefits of information technology to become more efficient, productive and therefore, more profitable.

Prepare – This first prepare phase is not very technical at all. In fact the primary purpose of this phase to justify the network upgrade. This phase will involve speaking with high level managers to figure out what business goals the company has and what products could be used to provide that functionality to the business.

Example: If the customer wanted to implement a WLAN we would want to ask various questions. How many users will use the WLAN, what kind of people will utilizing the WLAN (employees/guests), what kind of applications will run on the WLAN, required WLAN security (Do any compliances have to be taken into consideration SOX, HIPPA, etc), what kind of speeds will be required, and so forth. Then we will  look for products that meet the customer’s requirements.