VOIP (Voice over IP) is one of the biggest growing areas in communication today. VOIP allows you to direct your phone calls over the internet, reducing costs (particular STD and International) and allowing for more flexible options.
A VOIP solution has many advantages over traditional PABX systems other than just cost.  VOIP systems are easily expandable and come with all of the features you’d expect to find in a up-market traditional PABX (call conferencing, voicemail, etc).

Unified Communications

One of the biggest strengths of VOIP is it’s interconnectivity:

  • Have an office in Brisbane and office in New York
  • Prefer not to pay international rates to ring the between them?
  • How about having the New York office staff extensions able to be called internally?
  • Perhaps all phone calls after hours in New York should be redirected to the Brisbane office?

All of these scenarios are possible using VOIP solutions. Talk to a CTS consultant today about a VOIP solution that suits you.